Small Integral Chillers for Pasteurisers, Small Scale Food Production

Small Integral Chillers for Pasteurisers, Small Scale Food Production. Another batch of small integral chillers for pasteurisers and other small applications such as food production has left our factory for a customer based in Munster who supply to the agri-food sector. These are ice-water based chillers and are simply, highly robust and effective cooling solutions…


SIPS: Structural Insulated Panels (Video)

SIPS: Structural Insulated Panels (Video) SIPS-structural-insulated-panels SIPS (also known as structural insulation panels) are an excellent way of achieving rapid build high insulation values in timber frame construction and modular housing. In this short video I discuss the SIP panels we make in our factory in Kilkenny which help our customer achieve the best U-values…

Idlewild Bar Dublin : VS Beer Cooler Shows 39% Electricity Saving!

In a new independent study, the award-winning Kilkenny VS (Variable Speed) beer cooler has shown to cost 39% less to run than a standard beer cooler.

The study took place in Idlewild bar Dublin over the course of several months in the summer of 2016 and comprised of a highly detailed comparison between a recent standard installation and a VS installation.