Kilkenny Cooling Systems offers glycol cooling systems for a wide range of process applications including brewing, beer cooling and food production. These are available as an ‘off the shelf’ item, or we can design and build a cooling and control system to customer’s exact specifications.

  • Glycol process cooling system

    Glycol process cooling system

  • Subzero beer system in Kyteler's Inn Kilkenny

    Subzero beer system in Kyteler's Inn Kilkenny

We have installed Kilkenny glycol cooling systems in craft breweries, processing plants and in a large number of bars right across Ireland.

A glycol draft beer cooling system from Kilkenny Cooling Systems is the best way to achieve energy efficient sub-zero beer and frosted fonts in a bar. It is available as a standalone unit, or one which is specifically designed to work with an existing installation.

Kilkenny Cooling Systems introduced the first Irish glycol beer cooling system to the market, and it is the most popular such system to date.

What is a Glycol cooling system?

Glycol cooling systems are typically utilised when refrigeration temperatures below 0°C are required, or in applications with a large and constant cooling load, or when there is the potential for coolant to freeze (i.e. outdoors in winter conditions).

A propylene glycol / water solution is used as the system’s heat transfer fluid. This allows the system coolant to remain in liquid phase. Propylene glycol is a stable, non-toxic fluid used globally as a heat transfer fluid and also in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

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