Click to view video of a typical ‘High Spec’ Kilkenny Coldroom installation

Although our cold rooms are available in standard ‘off the shelf’ sizes, we also offer a complete structural cold room specification and installation turnkey package, whereby the cold rooms are designed exactly to meet the requirements of each individual customer and installed by us on site.

A supermarket has different requirements to an off-licence or yoghurt plant. We can examine the application and specify an installation for you which will match the typical daily usage of the cold rooms.
We have a full stainless and mild steel design and fabrication facility, and our expertise in this field is an excellent addition to our insulated panel manufacturing function.

It is this that truly sets us apart from our competitors.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Coldroom Technical Specification

Insulated panels are formed from high-density (40kg/sq.m) polyurethane foam and clad in premium grade galvanised steel with a white, food safe PVC coating.

Corrosion resistant locks and receivers are included as an integral part of the panel at manufacture, giving a tight and secure fit between panels in assembly.

The panels are formed with tongue and groove edges for rigidity.

  • Kilkenny Cooling Systems coldroom with Cambro shelving

    Kilkenny Cooling Systems coldroom with Cambro shelving

  • Kilkenny Cooling Systems coldrooms are designed to order

    Kilkenny Cooling Systems coldrooms are designed to order

  • Polyurethane Insulated Panels
  • Formed from high density (42kg/sq.m) polyurethane foam
  • Clad in food safe white PVC coated galvanised steel
  • Polyurethane foam conforms to fire safety standard BS4735
  • Corrosion resistant locks and receivers
  • Tongued and grooved edges
  • Internal corners are finished with PVC coving
  • CFC free

Size Options

Panel Thickness Temperature
80mm 0ºC to 60ºC
100mm -30ºC to 60ºC

Modular construction based on 100mm increments creates purpose built rooms of varying sizes

Standard heights of 2.0m and 2.2m

Other heights of up to 10m available on request


Standard floor 80mm or 100mm polyurethane panels coated in 2mm non-slip PVC coated material. A reinforeced floor with 1.2mm aluminium tread-plate and 10mm marine plywood is available for heavier loads such as pallet trucks.


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