Fallon & Byrne – Exacting Coldrooms with an Architectural Finish

Exacting demands for coldrooms with an architectural finish for the award-winning Fallon & Byrne by Kilkenny Cooling Systems. An article about coldrooms with an architectural finish. Photo credit: Fallon and Byrne. Here at Kilkenny Cooling Systems we pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture not just standard good quality coldrooms, but to engineeer extremely high…

Idlewild Bar Dublin : VS Beer Cooler Shows 39% Electricity Saving!

In a new independent study, the award-winning Kilkenny VS (Variable Speed) beer cooler has shown to cost 39% less to run than a standard beer cooler.

The study took place in Idlewild bar Dublin over the course of several months in the summer of 2016 and comprised of a highly detailed comparison between a recent standard installation and a VS installation.