Fallon & Byrne – Exacting Coldrooms with an Architectural Finish

Exacting demands for coldrooms with an architectural finish for the award-winning Fallon & Byrne by Kilkenny Cooling Systems. An article about coldrooms with an architectural finish. Photo credit: Fallon and Byrne. Here at Kilkenny Cooling Systems we pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture not just standard good quality coldrooms, but to engineeer extremely high…

castle hotel macroom

VIDEO SERIES: The Story of Kilkenny VS Cooler Part 5 : Castle Hotel Macroom

In part five of our video series we meet Don Buckley, owner of Castle Hotel Macroom. The Castle Hotel is a very highly regarded family run business in the town of Macroom in Co Cork which was established in 1951. Owner Don recently undertook a complete upgrade of his refrigeration equipment – consolidating multiple refrigeration units…

Idlewild Bar Dublin : VS Beer Cooler Shows 39% Electricity Saving!

In a new independent study, the award-winning Kilkenny VS (Variable Speed) beer cooler has shown to cost 39% less to run than a standard beer cooler.

The study took place in Idlewild bar Dublin over the course of several months in the summer of 2016 and comprised of a highly detailed comparison between a recent standard installation and a VS installation.