Idlewild Bar Dublin : VS Beer Cooler Shows 39% Electricity Saving!

In a new independent study, the award-winning Kilkenny VS (Variable Speed) beer cooler has shown to cost 39% less to run than a standard beer cooler.

The study took place in Idlewild bar Dublin over the course of several months in the summer of 2016 and comprised of a highly detailed comparison between a recent standard installation and a VS installation.

Largest Bar in London Installs Kilkenny Beer Cooler

Largest Bar in London Installs Kilkenny Beer Cooler

London’s Largest Bar Installs Kilkenny Beer Cooler. Kilkenny beer coolers are often specified for UK venues where conditions are more demanding and product quality is of utmost importance -The Roundhouse in London and Lord’s Cricket Grounds being two examples of high-demand UK venues which have installed Kilkenny Beer Coolers. The Porterhouse, London is the latest…

Ireland’s most energy efficient beer cooling system NOW PROVEN!

Ireland’s very first independent report into the energy consumption of beer cooling systems was released last week, and the results are in. The study was carried out by the Nimbus Embedded Systems centre in Cork Institute of Technology. This facility specialises in (among other things) the analysis of energy efficient systems and in research and…

The Crossbar at Croke Park now features beer cooling systems and storage facilities by Kilkenny Cooling Systems

High volume beer cooling and keg storage facilities at Croke Park

This summer GAA fans and concert goers at Croke Park will have even more choice for refreshments given the installation of several brand new bars with Kilkenny Cooling System’s high volume beer cooling systems and keg storage facilities. Kilkenny Cooling Systems manufactured the bespoke high volume beer cooling system and key storage facility to fit in…