2017 Cooling Specifications Document Launched

2017 Cooling Specifications Document Launched

  IBA Cooling Specifications Document Launched This week the Irish Brewers Association launched the 2017 Cooling Specifications Document Launched at an event in Doheny and Nesbitt in Dublin. The launch event was attended by manufacturers, suppliers and installers of draught beer cooling equipment for the Irish industry. A few of the IBA’s representative products were…

Dublin’s Largest Hospital €4M Project includes Kilkenny Cold Rooms

St. James’s Hospital is the largest teaching university hospital in Dublin. The establishment recently underwent a renovation / expansion of the facilities in their large city centre campus in Dublin 8. The project comprised a fit-out of several existing sections of St. James’s Hospital to allow for them to be repurposed as alternative departments. The…

custom oil cooling system

Custom Designed Oil Cooling System for Industry

Kilkenny Cooling Systems was recently approached to design and develop a highly specialised custom-designed oil cooling system to chill lubricating oil in extremely high demand applications. This customer required cool oil as part of their own process and had previously been using coolers which were not meeting with their requirements. The list of requirements for…

Idlewild Bar Dublin : VS Beer Cooler Shows 39% Electricity Saving!

In a new independent study, the award-winning Kilkenny VS (Variable Speed) beer cooler has shown to cost 39% less to run than a standard beer cooler.

The study took place in Idlewild bar Dublin over the course of several months in the summer of 2016 and comprised of a highly detailed comparison between a recent standard installation and a VS installation.